“Opened up and expanded my knowledge of other business units. Received first-hand exposure to what some of the barriers are facing our emerging talent.” – Vice President of Human Resources

“The program provides just enough structure to help us move forward but it is not so restrictive as to not have time to get to know each other. I have really enjoyed the program and would do it again and would encourage others to participate as well.” – Director of Social Media

“It’s truly an extraordinary program. Thank you for putting so much thought and rigor into bringing together such a great match. I have been a part of other mentoring programs in the past and currently with other organizations but they are nothing like this. This is extraordinary!” – Chief Medical Officer

“I have been a mentor to many employees in the past, but those were more "informal" arrangements. This mentoring experience was much different in that it was structured with cadence and content, which was a very good experience for me to have. It gave me a much broader vision of how a mentoring relationship can work successfully.” – Regional Vice President of Sales

“I have been a strong supporter of the program since its inception and continue to believe that we need to actively support and grow out talent. This program is a key component of that and of great value to the participants.” – VP Global Markets

“As a leader, if I promote the proper culture and environment where employees not only want these development experiences, but also seek them out, both the company and employee(s) win.” – VP Global Supply Chain

“I thought the program was first rate. I look forward to the continued success.” – Senior Director Global Strategy & Business Development

“Because of the mentoring program, I am more flexible to the needs of Gen Y’ers in my dept.” – Director of Human Resources

“My involvement in the program, the use of action plans and other tools and most importantly the guidance from my mentor has significantly increased my level of efficiency, enhanced my abilities as a manager and helped me build a better more productive team.” – Accounting Manager

“I learned how to think and research in a way that would not have been possible if it were not for the mentor program. The management team has taken notice of my improvement in communication and managerial skills and are taking steps to add more responsibilities to my role.” – Web Designer

“The experience has empowered me with leadership insight that I personally see as being extremely valuable in my pursuit at being a valuable leader within this great organization. I would not trade the mentoring experience for anything.” – Product Development Manager

“I hope to one day be able to repay the organization by becoming a mentor myself as I would love the opportunity to share my learning and development, guidance, and tutelage, with future cohorts.” – Senior E-Commerce Sales Executive

“Being part of a global cross-functional mentoring program, my eyes were opened to the way our company operates various business units across the globe, and across business functions (e.g. marketing, engineering, sales, human resources, data analysis, etc.).” – Senior Analyst, Corporate Strategy

“The program allowed me to obtain insight in a number of key areas: 1) How leaders think and put into action their ideas 2) How to better prepare myself for leadership 3) How to be sensitive to the needs and requirements of individuals within my business unit as well as those outside of my business unit.” – Communications Manager