“DO YOU SEE ME???”:  Conceptualizing Today’s Modern Woman
1 ½ – 2 hours


The new millennium has ushered in a new era of conceptualization around women’s roles in the workplace.  A more modern woman is emerging and society is beginning to embrace her value in the corporate environment.  We believe that before you can exact change and progress, you must first embrace the images that craft your perceptions and beliefs then tackle the professional image and perceptions that impact your career progression.  This session will share the latest research that has prompted an overdue shift in how women are seen in both society and the corporate environment, why women make better leaders and the fundamental forces at play that may hinder a woman’s ascension up the corporate ladder and how women can be seen in new and innovative ways.


Extreme Networking:  Networks that Work!!
2 hours


We all know that networking is critical to career visibility and success but we sometimes are intimidated by or uncomfortable with the act of networking in our professional lives.  This session will uncover our perceptions around networking and its role in today’s workplace; how to identify when you need a coach, mentor and/or sponsor; the basic elements of networking; overcoming the five stumbling blocks to effective, long-lasting networks that work; ways to build your “Networking Well” wide and deep; using systems like LinkedIn to manage your network as you build it.


Personal Branding/Managing Your Professional Profile
2 hours


So often, our primary focus is on our work performance.  What we are now realizing is that performance is only one piece of the puzzle that we must master in order to progress on our career journey.  Managing your personal brand and understanding how you are perceived is critical to how far and how fast you rise.  This session will introduce you to the P-I-E Model for Success, provide you with tools to assess your personal brand, align your self-perception with the brand that you are known for as well as provide you with examples on how to rebrand yourself if the perception that others have of your brand isn’t in alignment with your long-term career goals and aspirations.


“Life In The Rear View”
2 hours


How would you like to pick the brains of the most accomplished and talented women in Corporate America?  This session identifies the cornerstones of success that the leading women in business have identified as being instrumental to their success.  We will walk through the six strategies needed for success in a male-dominated industry along with “Girl Quotes” from the top women in business.  Participants will be engaged in an interactive session which focuses on taking the reins of their career and clarifying their short- and long-term career objectives.


“Power from Within:  Powerful Women Are…”
2 hours


This session brings women together to uncover our perceptions of power in the workplace while helping women tap into the power that they already possess.  We will uncover then challenge stereotypes that might exist when equating power to men and women as well as tap into our sources of power so that they might be recognized then called upon when needed in our professional environments.   This highly interactive session will incorporate individual reflection as well as group debriefs for community learning.