Implementation Team/Project Planning Session

This session engages the internal Implementation team members from the very beginning. The team members will be equipped with the structure, process and tools needed to manage the mentoring program.  During this full-day session, the Implementation team, along with Access One, will develop the core messaging, participant selection/match criteria, organizational/participants benefits along with a tactical and communication plan to ensure success.

Interview and Mentee/Mentor Match

Matching is based on knowledge gained from both one-to-one interviews and professional profile completion. Both mentees and mentors will complete individual profiles and be interviewed individually by a member of the Access One Consulting team.  This process provides an understanding of the mentees’ and mentors’ requirements for their mentoring partnership as well as captures the nuances that make for a stellar match. All information needed to complete the formal match process is gathered at this time.

Mentee and Mentor Orientation/Launch

The Orientation/Launch session is more than a celebration of the beginning of the mentoring journey. The session is delivered either virtually (1/2 day) or live (full day) and accomplishes five main goals:

  • Introduces the philosophy and structure of the mentoring program
  • Clarifies goals, responsibilities and expectations
  • Emphasizes not only WHAT to do in your partnership but also HOW to do it effectively
  • Provides tools and techniques that will support the development of healthy partnerships
  • Begins relationship and trust building within the partnerships

Checkpoints and Close Session

For maximum success of the program, it is critical to reach out to all participants in the early months of their partnership to both reinforce the partnership development strategies and identify any barriers to mentoring success so that they may be overcome.  The Three-Month Checkpoint calls are designed to gauge the success of the match as well as clarify the direction in which the partnerships are headed.

The Mid-Program Checkpoint session provides an opportunity for increased best practice sharing through both interactive group learning and focused partnership work as well as troubleshooting on how to move forward and maximizing their remaining time together. This session can also uncover additional resources that might be needed to support the partnerships to help them become and remain successful.

Providing a formal close to the partnerships supports the participants who will carry their mentoring learnings forward in their work and then celebrate the partnership accomplishments.  Prior to the Closing Session, partnership success factors are captured via a confidential online survey.  During the session, partnership and program best practices are captured and shared in an effort to communicate the success of the partnership through the reflection of skill development and increased leadership ability while also chronicling the continuous improvement to future implementations of the mentoring program within the organization.  Examples of the reciprocal learning that has taken place between the mentees and mentors are gathered which tie back to increased productivity, leadership development and business acumen.