Mentor Training

Mentoring Training is designed to make good mentors into great mentors!  Access One provides the tools, resources and training to both new and seasoned mentors.  The training assists the mentors in learning how to structure their mentoring partnership, establish trust, give and receive feedback as well as help the mentees in clarifying their partnership goals.  This session will serve to align all mentors within your organization with the overall strategy and focus of your mentoring efforts.

One-to-One Mentoring

Access One assists our clients in designing, implementing, and managing effective and sustainable internal mentoring programs.  There is flexibility in engagement from Orientation and Launch support to a more robust full implementation from planning support and training through to the Closing Session.

Self-Directed Mentoring

In an organization where a mentoring culture has already been established, this offering provides mentoring tools for the population at large. These comprehensive development tools provide the participant with a mentoring action plan, guides on how to access their mentoring readiness and find a mentor as well as help in clarifying their development goals.   These tools can be used independently or as a complement to a more comprehensive formal program.

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring is designed to accelerate leadership development, strengthen organizational relationships, and enhance individual effectiveness.  A mentoring circle is a mentee-driven, mentor-guided group of 10-12 peers and 1-2 seasoned leaders who hold themselves individually and collectively accountable to a common purpose of learning and development.  Mentees explore ways to leverage their individual and collective contributions in the organization.  Mentors have an opportunity to practice “facilitative listening” and servant leadership.  Group mentoring is most effective when the mentee participants share a common perspective (i.e. a homogenous background, function, gender, ethnicity and/or business challenge).

Peer Group Mentoring

Peer Group Mentoring is designed to build knowledge and learning through a hybrid model of both group and one-to-one mentoring.  The unique learning that takes place in a peer mentoring model values the experiences and expertise of those who share similar career paths, backgrounds, education and goals.  This model has proven to be very effective in mentoring programs with a diversity focus as it creates an environment of community, camaraderie and collaboration.